Mission Statement

We, the Anglo-Indian Schools of West Bengal, pledge to ensure the following –

  1. That no Anglo-Indian or Christian child is ever denied admission to any of our schools on grounds of inability of parents to pay the full fees of the school or on grounds of inability of the child to match the normal standards of admission of the school.
  2. That full scholarships/ part scholarships will be given to all indigent Anglo-Indian and Christian children who are admitted into our schools.
  3. That help , at all times, is given to an indigent Anglo-Indian or Christian child to procure books and stationery and uniform and to pay the examination fees / special fees / special charges of the school.
  4. That provision is made in all our schools to give free remedial coaching to all indigent  Anglo-Indian and Christian children who are in need of the same.
  5. That all Anglo-Indian and Christian children studying in the school be actively encouraged to participate in all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school with special recognition being accorded to all such children who excel in this area.
  6. That no Anglo-Indian or Christian child be rusticated from the school on grounds of inablility to pay the tuition fees / other monetary charges of the school.
  7. That no Anglo-Indian or Christian child be rusticated from the school on grounds that the child has not measured up to the normal academic standards of the school.
  8. That , in imparting education to our Anglo-Indian and Christian children, care is taken to remind them as they reach adulthood that the Constitution of our motherland respects the rights of the minorities and that , they in turn, should grow up to be responsible Indian citizens respecting  the rights of all fellow-citizens of this great democracy.
  9. That although all our schools are specially committed to the education of Anglo-Indian and Christian children admission will be granted  to  eligible children of all other communities and in doing so no distinction whatsoever will  be made on grounds of colour, caste or creed.
  10. That , as purveyors of English medium education in India, our schools have always maintained high discipline, academic and co-curricular standards and the same will be maintained at all times now and in the future.