About Us

The West Bengal Branch of the Association of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools in India has fifty-four members on its rolls – this figure does not include the Principals of the hill schools since it is difficult for them to attend our meetings. However, the Heads of our schools in Bandel, Chandannagore, Asansol and Durgapur are our active members and attend almost all our meetings.

The West Bengal Branch, numerically, is the largest branch of the All-India body which has total membership strength of around two hundred. Our Branch is also among the most active of Branches and the whole-hearted participation of our members in the Annual Conferences of the All-India body testifies to this.

We have fairly regular meetings – at least six every year. The meetings are well-attended and the discussions are always lively, informative and participatory. The Branch celebrates, every year, World Anglo-Indian Day in great style. On this day i.e. 2nd August, a prayer service, attended by the teachers of our schools, participating students of our schools and our member-Heads is an important feature of the celebration. Every year, through consensus of our members, we have a programme after the prayer service and every year the theme of the programme is different. This is indeed an important day in the calendar of the West Bengal Branch of the Association!

We have decided that the Branch should conduct, every year, at least four Inter-School Competitions be it in Sports   Games, Debates or any other Co-curricular activity. Even as I write these lines , an Inter-School Debate Competition featuring twenty-two of our schools is being conducted at Calcutta Boys School whose Principal Mr.Raja McGee has kindly consented to host our first Association event. Details of our events will be displayed on our web-site from time to time.

We do realize that there is much more to do – and this web-site and the proposed Inter-school events   are steps  in this direction. We want that our members must stay connected at all times , we want that all problems should be met and solved by the members collectively as far as practicable, we want that the bond among our members should strengthen by the day.